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Just add hot water and before you know it you'll be enjoying a tasty meal

A wide range of instant cups with instant pasta, instant rice, instant couscous and instant quinoa. Convenience without compromising on quality. High-quality ingredients for meals ready in a few minutes. Just add hot water and your instant pasta will be ready in 3 minutes. Authentic Italian recipes as well as ethnic spicy meals. Instant quinoa for healthy instant meal solutions.

Take your instant cups to work, experience tasty instant pasta cups or try our creamy instant risotto or try our instant cups at home. Why not take a world tour and try our yummy ethnic meals for an extra exotic twist: instant couscous, instant cantonese rice, instant quinoa with a Thai dehydrated sauce. All shelf-stable, all with selected ingredients. Italian durum wheat pasta, Italian instant rice, high-quality instant quinoa, Italian instant couscous.

Just add hot water, ready in 3-5 minutes.